Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center, Inc.

Adolescent Services

Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of adolescent services in Hoosick Falls, as well as the expansion of our current adolescent services at our Troy and East Greenbush sites. Individual and group services available 1-2 times/week dependent upon clinical need. Motivational Enhancement and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy evidence based models of treatment.

Primary Goals of Services

To enhance the adolescentsí motivation to change their substance use and to develop basic skills needed to achieve abstinence.

Adolescent Services Include:

An Adolescent Track I and II program is also available which provides one, two or three time/week contact depending upon the clinical need of the adolescent. Length of service can range from 4-6 months or longer dependent upon the adolescentís progress in treatment.

Family Services Include

Services will be provided by a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor; Master Level Family Therapist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.